Image consulting

More or less 50% of you are familiar with the television programs that broadcast beauty episodes, the famous before and after, there are those who even define it as a transformation from ugly to beautiful… at least this is confirmed by an in-depth study of  what people believe the word ‘image’ means, for example: perfection, stereotypes to be followed and vice versa, but in reality it is much more.

The image is a representation of something,
a reflection of an essence, the shape of our soul.

Image consulting helps to shape the true and real image of yourself, applying simple knowledge, which will allow you to indulge yourself and express what you decide to convey. Meetings are used to study the various styles between them, including shapes and colors that are more suited to us, thus solving the great challenge of “I never know what to wear”.

Discover the color combination that's right for you.
Lipstick? Which one to choose and for what occasion?
Fabrics, colors, textures and sensations. Wear what truly represents you.
Thanks to the personal shopper service, we will create together your perfect look for every occasion.
The image is the reflection of an essence, the shape of our soul.

It is scientifically proven that the human being, at first glance, with any individual, based on what he sees, in the first seconds of thought, immediately categorizes what he sees, not always correctly.

This mechanism derives from emotions, experiences, places and education received and are well-programmed mental schemes on which we can only train to try to open our perception. This helps us to avoid perhaps downgrading an individual only for what he represents at the moment.

Who is the image consultant?

The image consultant is a professional, specialized in 360 ° image who has the task of helping people to understand themselves; teaches how to tell about oneself with a simple skirt or a wool sweater, if today your day will be yellow or red, and how to conquer work or personal goals through self-expression.

Let’s talk about image consulting.

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