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Read Michele’s interview on The Way Magazine and discover the innovative service of remote image consulting.

Your personality?
Our mission!

We strive every day to give shape to beauty in its many facets, always reflecting the personality and uniqueness of our customers.

Our services

Hair Care

Thanks to Zone Concept we are able to take care of your hair at 360 °. Vegetable dyes, ammonia-free dyes or even in oil. Healing and soothing treatments for scalp and hair, our wonderful Simply Zen world. Always up to date on techniques and trends, allowing us to customize your style.

Make Up

The experience in the London fashion catwalks, the local and non-local photo sets enrich our experience in the fantastic world of make-up.
Our make-up takes care of your skin, facial features, evaluates the color of your eyes and hair, to create a 100% harmonious and personal look.

Image consulting

An innovative service that allows us to study in detail the customer’s needs to go deeper into topics such as: body shapes, face shapes, which group of colors they belong to and much more … Fashion trends and style constructions for each need: personal, professional or corporate image. What image do I want to give? Let’s find out together!


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